TERMS OF USE under which LEADER MUSIC S.A. provides the service of streaming and / or download of content through the website "EL REINO INFANTIL".

TERMS OF USE under which LEADER MUSIC S.A. provides the service of streaming and / or download of content through the website "EL REINO INFANTIL".


The TRADEMARK “EL REINO INFANTIL” and the CONTENTS that comprise it are Registered Trademarks of LEADER MUSIC S.A. that have been developed to serve consumers with special consumption requirements, such as children between 1 (One) Years and 5 (Five) years, without prejudice that they can be used by the whole family that are intended for informational purposes, educational and leisure activities, exclusively for children.

The objective of the contents is that children and families around the world have access to products that are culturally safe, and respectful with the development of children in a healthy cultural environment that enhances their development and meets the unique cultural needs of each child.

They are based on the deep study of children who, accompanied by their parents and guardians, will be able to reproduce the best content of all time, with bright and healthy images that enhance children's creativity.

For parents it is a wonderful way to learn to communicate and interact with children, helping their happy and healthy development. It is an ideal way to help children channel their energy and learn to interact with adults and children.

The objective of the contents is to encourage children to connect with their senses, they will listen and / or watch the contents, which will produce critical sensory stimulation for their happy and healthy development, generating their own interests.

Likewise, the idea is that, taking the contents as a common thread, children learn through activities that attract their attention and stimulate their imagination. That they feel curious to know the environment that surrounds them, developing their cultural skills in an appropriate and safe way.

The entry of children to the website, implies the acceptance through their legal representatives of the particular conditions that are established in the present in full and without reservations.

Parents, guardians and / or guardians must carefully read these Particular Conditions before confronting their children with the content of this page.


  2. "Contents" are defined as all those Audio and / or video files that LEADER MUSIC S.A. owns, has been licensed or authorized for public execution through the STREAMING system that are available to be viewed on this page and / or downloaded in the location to which the user is redirected. These contents may consist of edited phonographic and videographic recordings, albums or their fragments (MP3 Tones), other recordings, images, videos, games, etc., without the enumeration being exhaustive.
  3. For the purposes of this document, "USER" shall be understood as any person outside LEADER MUSIC who enters "EL REINO INFANTIL" website and views the CONTENTS through the STREAMING system and / or downloads them from the sites to which to be redirected.
  4. PLATFORM is defined as the present website through which the CONTENTS are made available to users.


  2. Through the website "EL REINO INFANTIL", a series of content consisting of Phonograms or Videograms to be viewed through the Streaming or download system, Applications, and Comments for parents, of the highest technical quality, is made available to USERS and cultural, tending to comply with the spirit of the trademark, all owned by Leader Music SA or on which it has been licensed or is legally authorized to reproduce.
  3. These modalities require that the USER access to the “EL REINO INFANTIL” website via the INTERNET and proceed to reproduce the files without the ability to download them on the hard disk of the User's computer or mobile device, except in cases expressly authorized for downloading.
  4. In case of download, the copy that the Client makes will be, solely and exclusively, for its PRIVATE EXECUTION, not allowing its commercial exploitation or public reproduction.
  5. Any download made by the user will make him civil and criminal responsible for the improper use of the contents, as well as for the reproduction for purposes other than those expressly authorized.


  1. - Leader Music S.A. will only be responsible for guaranteeing that it has the necessary rights so that the contents described above can be made available through this service. Those responsible for all technical aspects of the Streaming service or downloads will be the companies that provide the USERS 'Internet services. As technical aspects, all aspects related to the possibility are defined here connection and access to content as well as issues of compatibility and use of content.


  1. - Cookies and other tracking technologies. We and our service providers may place, view, and / or use cookies, web server logos, web beacons, clear gifs, or other electronic tools (such as Local Shared Objects or "Flash Cookies") on content. Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your system for registration purposes; These technologies collect non-personal information that help us better serve users, such as personalizing the Services for you and helping to associate interactions with our Services. They also help us keep track of the times you visit the Site, or the websites of our advertisers or partners, improve the user experience with the Services, collect and expand statistical information together, display advertising or content based on your interests, and / or carry out research, analysis and analytical studies of the website.


Most browsers are initially configured to accept cookies, but if you prefer that we not use cookies for the aforementioned purposes, delete and disable cookies for each browser, on each computer that you use to browse the Web. However, if you disable cookies or refuse to accept a request to place a cookie, some parts of the Services and the advertisements you receive when you visit this Site may not be relevant to your interests. Please refer to the "Help" section of your browser for more information.

Third parties whose products or services are accessible or advertised through the Services are responsible for the products they advertise on which LEADER MUSIC S.A. has no responsibility, which is known and accepted by the USERS.

The entry of personal data of the user in the site "EL REINO INFANTIL", as well as the acceptance of navigation cookies, do not constitute a requirement to navigate through it, its provision being optional. However, the user who decides to enter their personal data declares to know and accept the terms of this document, as well as declares to be responsible for becoming aware of the updates of this text available on the site or application accepting them through the use of the service provided.

LEADER MUSIC S.A. does not assume any responsibility and therefore will not be responsible for any damage or harm, of any kind whatsoever, that may be suffered by Users or third parties, in their persons or property, due to or in relation to the information provided by the User.

In some cases, the site or the Application may have links to other Internet sites and / or other third-party resources. By virtue of LEADER MUSIC S.A. has no control over said sites or their resources, the User acknowledges and accepts that LEADER MUSIC S.A. will not be responsible for the availability of said external and non-LEADER MUSIC sites or the access to them, nor for the resources they use, and does not accept or will accept to be considered responsible for the impossibility of accessing them or any content, advertisements, products or other materials from or available on such sites or resources. In the same way, LEADER MUSIC S.A. will not be responsible for loss or damage caused or supposedly caused by or in connection with the use or security of said content, products, or services available on or through any of said sites or resources.

By using the site "EL REINO INFANTIL", the USER acknowledges and accepts that LEADER MUSIC SA, its subsidiaries and / or affiliates, are excluded from any liability for damages of any kind that may be caused by lack of security of the linked sites. Likewise, the User acknowledges and accepts that LEADER MUSIC SA, its subsidiaries and / or affiliates do not control and do not guarantee the absence of viruses and / or malicious software in the content of the linked sites, nor the absence of other elements that could produce alterations. in their computer systems or in electronic documents, files or information stored in their computer systems.



Please note that the Services may contain links to websites or applications operated by third parties, including social media websites. Since we do not control third-party sites and we are not responsible for the information that you provide while on those sites, we encourage you to read the privacy policies on those websites before providing information on them.



The website "EL REINO INFANTIL ” is owned by LEADER MUSIC S.A. with address at Av. San José 1277, City of Buenos Aires.


  2. The USER expresses his knowledge regarding the prohibition of copying, loan, and any form of transfer of the files downloaded from the platform.
  3. The USER of the download service -if he/she proceeds- is obliged to pay the established price, plus applicable taxes, in accordance with the provisions of the previous clause.
  4. The USER agrees to use the contents of the website in accordance with the law, good faith, generally accepted good customs and public order. It also undertakes not to use the service to commercialize content for illegal, illicit, or harmful purposes or effects.
  5. The USER agrees to use the website service solely and exclusively for personal purposes and to refrain, consequently, from using it for any kind of commercial purpose. In particular, the USER may not: a) Make more copies of the reproduced and / or downloaded content. b) Modify, decompile or create files from the contents that have been made available to the USER. c) Carry out any act of distribution or making available to third parties the contents to which you have had access through the website. d) The use of any applications or technical devices on the website whose purpose is the modification, alteration or elimination of the technological measures established for the protection and effective provision of the service. e) Carry out any acts intended to copy, modify, delete or damage any type of information contained in the servers used for the control and / or operation of the marketing service.


  2. LEADER MUSIC S.A. reserves the right to modify its programs, as well as the files and data provided and the technical characteristics of access and transmission. Likewise, it reserves the right to interrupt the service partially or totally.
  3. LEADER MUSIC S.A. is not liable for the effects that the downloading or streaming of the CONTENTS may have on the operating system that is implanted in the USER's equipment, nor the consequences that could derive from its malfunction.
  4. LEADER MUSIC S.A. reserves the right to make, without prior notice, the modifications it deems appropriate, being able to change, delete or add both the contents and the services provided in the way in which they are presented or located on the web or, even, the form of provision of the marketing service.



The use of the PLATFORM and the provision of the Services will imply the collection and treatment by LEADER MUSIC of certain personal data, understood as "Personal Data" to all information referring to Users that allows their identification directly or indirectly. In particular, the PLATFORM may require certain mandatory information such as [name, ID, e-mail, address, sex, cell phone number, [among others]. Likewise, LEADER MUSIC may collect information about the devices through which the PLATFORM is accessed, [such as those related to the mobile operator, trademark, model and operating system of the device, geolocation] and may monitor traffic, views, interactions and any other activity of the User on the PLATFORM (this data could be collected through the use of cookies, web beacons, pixels, canvas fingerprinting and / or similar).

The User gives their consent and authorizes LEADER MUSIC to use their Personal Data to send communications and advertising materials (such as newsletters, brochures, e-mails) regarding the news of the PLATFORM and / or activities and / or services of LEADER MUSIC and / or others that at the discretion of LEADER MUSIC could become of interest to the User. In relation to this point, the User is informed that they may request the suspension of said shipments at any time.

In the case in which the User does not provide such Personal Data, LEADER MUSIC will not process the Services and / or the User will not be able to use the PLATFORM and / or all or any of the services provided there.

The User will be solely responsible for the veracity, accuracy, integrity, validity, authenticity, and certainty of the information provided, and must notify LEADER MUSIC of any corresponding update or modification immediately. Without prejudice to the foregoing, LEADER MUSIC may verify the Personal Data and / or information provided -by itself or through third parties- resorting to public entities, specialized companies, among others, which the User expressly consents.

LEADER MUSIC will address the Personal Data in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 25,326, its Regulatory Decree 1558/2001, other regulations issued by the Agency for Access to Public Information and the terms in this detailed section, which the User expressly consent.

The security and preservation measures of the information adopted by LEADER MUSIC to avoid its adulteration, loss, consultation, or unauthorized treatment and detect intentional or unintentional deviations of information, comply with the guidelines provided by Resolution 47/2018 of the Access to Public Information Agency. Notwithstanding this and that LEADER MUSIC makes its best efforts to prevent and avoid any security incident, considering the nature of the Internet, LEADER MUSIC cannot guarantee the absolute security of User information, so it will be understood that the User acts at his own risk.

By reading and accepting these Terms of Use, Users authorize LEADER MUSIC to share Personal Data with third parties, insofar as this is necessary for the development or fulfillment of the services provided through the PLATFORM.

Users accept that the addresses of the recipients of their Personal Data could be located abroad, even in countries that -in accordance with the provisions of Provision 60-E / 2016 of the National Directorate for the Protection of Personal Data- do not ensure levels of adequate protection, the Users expressly authorizing the international transfer of their Personal Data to those countries, in accordance with the provisions of art. 12 of Decree 1558/2001.

In order to exercise their rights of access, update, rectification and / or deletion, Users may send an email to legal@leaderent.com.

Finally, it is made known that your data will be stored in databases duly registered with the Access to Public Information Agency and that "The ACCESS TO PUBLIC INFORMATION AGENCY, in its capacity as Control Body of Law No. 25,326, has the power to deal with complaints and claims filed by those who are affected in their rights due to breach of current regulations on the protection of personal data."


  2. LEADER MUSIC will not guarantee the availability, continuity or normal operation of the web service in the event of incidents, interruptions, or any other actions or omissions beyond LEADER MUSIC.
  3. Without prejudice to the limits established by current regulations, LEADER MUSIC will not be responsible for the use that the Clients make of the web service.



The contents offered correspond to LEADER MUSIC S.A. or they have been previously licensed, so it has the legally required authorizations to make said content available. Likewise, LEADER MUSIC has the necessary authorizations regarding Copyrights granted by the Collective Management Entities of Copyright.



LEADER MUSIC S.A. will pursue the breach of the above conditions as well as any prohibited and improper use of THE CONTENTS, exercising all civil and criminal actions that may correspond to it in Law.



For all legal purposes, this link will be governed by the laws of the ARGENTINE REPUBLIC, and by the Ordinary Courts of the City of Buenos Aires of Argentina.